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with CoverFactory
Tip 4: The Scaling Trick

CoverFactory will generally produce better quality rendered images, if you render them to a large size (in pixels). The size to render to, is controlled by the size of the Background image (which you can modify on the Background tab).

If you are struggling to achieve the clarity that you want in your rendered images, and have access to a good quality painting program (such as Adobe PhotoShop or Corel PhotoPaint), you can try the following trick (it tends to be especially helpful with very small covers).

IMPORTANT: This tip will only produce good results if your painting program features good quality anti-aliased scaling. Trying this tip with a paint program that does not do anti-aliased scaling, or which doesn't have good quality anti-aliasing, can actually make your covers look worse!

Here are the steps:
  1. In CoverFactory, make the Background size an integer multiple of the final size you want. For example, you could make the background two times or four fimes (or even ten times bigger if you need a very small final cover image) than you actually need.

  2. In CoverFactory, use the Render To File option to render the image to PNG format (see the previous tip if you don't know why).

  3. In your painting program, open your large PNG image.

  4. In your painting program, scale down the large PNG image to the actual size required (In some painting programs this option is called "Resample"):
    • If you made your large image two times bigger than needed, you resample to 50% of the original size.
    • If you made your large image four times bigger than needed, you resample to 25% of the original size.
    • If you made your large image ten times bigger than needed, you resample to 10% of the original size.


Top Site PHP Script Here is an eBook Cover image that I created in CoverFactory and rendered to 200X200 pixels in PNG format.

Top Site PHP Script Here is an eBook Cover image that I created in CoverFactory and rendered to 800X800 pixels in PNG format.

I then loaded this large image into Corel PhotoPaint and resampled the image to 25% of the original size (reducing it to 200X200 pixels).

Hopefully, you can see that this image is ever so slightly clearer than the example above.

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